10 Questions: Everyday Vegan Changemaker with Stephanie Grey Winnard

Marla Rose
4 min readOct 10, 2019

Another day, another fabulous Everyday Vegan Changemaker! I love Stephanie Grey Winnard’s friendly, warm and encouraging style of vegan outreach. Given her communication skills, it’s not a surprise that Stephanie is a teacher, teaching psychology at Pierce Community College in Woodland Hills, CA, where she also serves as the Faculty Advisor for the Pierce College Vegan Society. You can also find Stephanie teaching yoga at Param Yoga Healing Arts Center in Chatsworth, CA. Thanks for changing the world, Stephanie!

1. To start, we’d love to know how long you’ve been vegan.

I’ve been vegan for 13 years.

2. We’d love to hear your “vegan evolution” story. How did you start out? Did you have any early influences or experiences as a young person that in retrospect helped to pave your path?

I started as an ovo-lacto vegetarian about 26 years ago, so I have not eaten meat in 26 years.

3. What was the catalyst (or were the catalysts) that made you go vegan? Was it a film? An experience? Someone else’s influence? A book? Was it overnight or did it take a while?

In 2006, the United Nations published their landmark study, “Livestock’s Long Shadow,” which revealed that animal agriculture produces more greenhouse…