It’s time to expand who we think of when we think of who is considered a mother

The author with a rescued veal calf at Farm Sanctuary in 1998

Guess what? Sunday is Mother’s Day. As if you didn’t notice with the not-so subtle prompts in your email, the bouquet gauntlet at the checkout counter, the texts with family, nothing stops Mother’s Day, not even pandemic times, and the second Sunday of May is just a few days away.

It’s a little known but interesting fact that Mother’s Day has its roots in social justice and activism, not flowers and Hallmark cards. …

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Sherra Aguirre, author of the soon-to-be-released book Joyful, Delicious, Vegan: Life Without Heart Disease, discovered the positive health effects of a plant-based diet in her personal life and is passionate about getting the word out. Overcoming her own hypertension as well as mitigating her family history of high blood pressure, heart disease and strokes, Sherra sold her successful business so she could dedicate herself full-time to promote reclaiming one’s health. Her book is going to be released in late May but is available for pre-order and you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and through her website,

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In the early spring of 1999, my husband and I went to Negril, Jamaica. It was a lovely, low-key, off-season trip, one where we spent most of our days on the beach or on the cliffs, riding bikes and wading in the dazzling turquoise ocean with a perpetual contact high. We were there ostensibly to gather information for a feature I was writing for a local magazine so we went up and down the beach town with my spiral notebook and our Canon pocket camera. I also had a little, dog-eared directory I have long since parted ways with of…

From quick, easy meals to weekend showstoppers, I’ve got you covered.

Credit: Marla Rose

Is it just me or is breakfast the most brain-stumping meal of the day? For one, you are perhaps a little groggy. For another, you probably don’t want to put that much thought into it. Breakfast is an important meal, though, getting your whole day set up on the right foot.

I have curated 50-plus vegan recipes, from quickies to more elaborate weekend meals, that will start your day out right. Don’t stare into your refrigerator or grab that boring box of cereal again and get started embracing tasty vegan breakfasts with this handy collection to inspire you.

Five Perfect Pancake Recipes

Ten reasons why now is a great time to go vegan

Credit: John Beske; Vegan Street Media

It’s always a good time to go vegan. There’s no time like spring, though, to rev up your transition. Here are ten reasons why this season is the reason it’s great to go vegan.

1. That whole “planting seeds” metaphor is working for you

It’s springtime: there are new buds and change is swirling around us. There is nothing that is quite as buzzing with possibility as springtime and using the natural momentum of that can help to propel new growth in your own life. This is a great time for planning your garden and planting some early seeds. Metaphoric seeds of planting what you want to grow for a…

12 signs that I have hit a wall with content creation

If you hate astrology, keep it moving. If you love astrology but hate this, you can always keep it moving, too.

Here are the 12 zodiac signs as vegans. Fight me. Actually, don’t fight me. I have a Cancer moon; I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Aries Vegans

If it’s all just products and personalities, the animals will be sidelined from their own story.

“Journalism is the first rough draft of history.”

I heard this quote for the first time the other day, a quote that a little digging revealed is kind of a chestnut among journalists but it was the first time I’d heard it. It is often attributed to a long-ago publisher of the Washington Post, now thought to have originated with a New Republic book reviewer. Regardless of the originator, this quote has been going through my head ever since because it is so perfectly salient, putting a fine point to the importance of vegans creating a solid, strong foundation for…

Think Only Catholics Get Patron Saints? Think again.

Got a vegan problem? There’s a saint (and a prayer) for that.

1. St. Prudence

The Patron Saint of Judgment

Tucker, a former bow tie enthusiast, got in a snit about it. Ivanka, an author, huffed about it. Donald, a former reality show host and failed lifestyle magazine mogul, railed against it. Behind all that bluster, though, is a fair question: When did it get to the point where a person can’t say or do whatever they feel like without pushback? Can’t folks just live their best lives without an angry mob of liberal snowflakes getting all up in their feelings about it?

The answer is no. No, they can’t, at least not without getting cancelled.

There’s an expression for…

Whether you’re enjoying the Puppy Bowl, the Kitten Bowl, the Super Bowl or none of the above, these are nacho average game day recipes.

Credit: Public Domain photo modified by John Beske

Even if you’re not the sporty type and you don’t want to sign up for a new streaming service to watch puppies and kittens do their cute thing, you can still enjoy the great flavors of the day vegan-style and any ol’ time. Grab a bowl, a spot on the couch and dig in!

  1. Scrumptious Chex Mix (It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken)
  2. French Onion Dip (Veggies Save the Day)
  3. Spinach Artichoke Dip (The Simple Veganista)
  4. Jalapeño Poppers (Connoisseurus Veg)
  5. Crispy Air Fryer Onion Rings (Sandhya’s Kitchen)
  6. Cauliflower Hot Wings with Aioli (Vegan Heaven)
  7. Garlic RanchSeitan Wings (Rabbit and Wolves)
  8. Firecracker…

Marla Rose

Marla Rose is a Chicago-area writer and co-founder of and

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