Eight Patron Saints for Vegans

Think Only Catholics Get Patron Saints? Think again.

Marla Rose


Got a vegan problem? There’s a saint (and a prayer) for that.

1. St. Prudence

The Patron Saint of Judgment

Credit: John Beske at VeganStreetMedia.com

St. Prudence is the one we call upon when we are feeling disapprovingly towards others in a way that we know is counterproductive to our message being well-received.

Sample prayer: “Oh, glorious St. Prudence, you have helped me to remember that I am still alive whenever I feel judgment because everything else has been numbed. At this moment, I am asking for your guidance and wisdom in releasing my hostility in a manner that is productive and helpful rather than alienating. I am asking for you to look over me, St. Prudence, and steer me to patience and equanimity at family and office meals, especially with the guy who keeps saying “Mmm…bacon.” Tonight, I will light a candle to you, St. Prudence, when I am blessedly alone, and I can safely let all my judgment pour freely. Until then, thank you for your grace and example.”

2. St. Faith

The Patron Saint of Potlucks

Credit: John Beske at VeganStreetMedia.com

St. Faith is the saint whose presence sanctifies collective meals, especially potlucks. St. Faith is who we call upon when the pandemic is over and gatherings over shared meals can commence again.

Sample prayer: “Dearest St. Faith, we call on you to oversee the best hygiene practices amongst those who have gathered here, both in the preparation of their offerings and in how they transfer food to their plates. Let those who bring a half-eaten bag of stale tortilla chips but devour everyone else’s contributions get lost on the way. Please, St. Faith, let there be no more than seven different kinds of hummus, and let me not be seated next to the guy who complains the whole time that everyone goes to potlucks, no one leaflets with him. Thank you, St. Faith.”