Facts V. Fallacies: “Vegans Are Responsible for More Animals’ Deaths than Meat-Eaters.”

Think you’ve got a gotcha moment against vegans? Think again.

Marla Rose
5 min readMar 3, 2023

“Vegans kill more animals than meat-eaters.”

As someone who maintains a robust vegan page on several social media platforms, I can affirm that, man, this myth is making the rounds like whoa. It seems like the trolls and haters have a shiny new toy because it is currently their preferred rebuttal against vegans. (Well, that and a poorly done meme about the venus fly trap that they believe is both hilarious and single-handedly capable of dissolving every argument for veganism but that’s neither here nor there.)

I’ve learned that these things seem to come in waves and trends and right now, the fixation is on repeating the fallacy that vegans are responsible for more deaths per capita than those who consume animals. On the surface, this seems laughable — and if you spend even a few minutes researching, it is indeed laughable — but it’s designed to be just a quick gotcha moment to “own the vegans,” not be scrutinized or carefully defended.

I first heard this idea in the 1990s but with the nature of social media being what it is <insert dumpster fire GIF>, now this myth is blowing up in comment…