Here Are Literally 50 More Side Dishes You Can Make Without Animal Products This Thanksgiving

We’ve got bread, we’ve got gravy, and of course we have stuffing — are you ready to get your vegan feast on again?

Credit: Fifty Years Too Late

Are We Ready For Bready?

Credit: Kenmore Gas Range booklet, 1959 via Flicker

These Cranberries Are Feeling Saucy

Credit: Ocean Spray

Souperb Soups

Credit: Free Vintage Illustrations

Greetings And Saladtations

Credit: Flicker/Women’s Day, 1958

Is It Stuffing In Here Or Is It Just Me?

Credit: Kay Lovelace via The Silly Boodilly

Good Gravy, These Are Delicious

Credit: Flicker

Roasty, Toasty Veggies

Credit: Fireside Cookbook via Flicker

I Yam What I Yam

Credit: Flicker

One Potato, Two Potato

Credit: Knox Salad Book via Flicker

Assorted Tasty Items

Credit: Flicker

Marla Rose is a Chicago-area writer and co-founder of and

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