Six Reasons Why Autumn Is The Perfect Time to Go Vegan

The leaves aren’t afraid to change and you shouldn’t be either.

Marla Rose
5 min readSep 16, 2020
Credit: Pixabay

There is never a bad time to go vegan but I think autumn is best.

Here’s why…

• You can capitalize on September being a month of newness, growth and change

As Brené Brown discusses on her podcast, though January is recognized as the official calendar start of the year, our bodies are tuned in to that butterflies-in-the-belly feeling of change being afoot in September. Use that intoxicating momentum to bring in new habits and ways of being in your life. With the natural world changing around us, autumn is a great time to usher in positive new directions in our personal lives. Living vegan has beneficial outcomes for the animals, the planet and humanity, as well as future generations. I cannot think of one lifestyle change that can result in such a profound domino effect, especially if adopted by many. September is the ideal time for this shift, too, because who needs the pressure and baggage of the January 1? New year’s resolutions are so last year.

• Embrace the season with more variety