Spring Into Veganism

Ten reasons why now is a great time to go vegan

Marla Rose
6 min readMar 23, 2021
Credit: John Beske; Vegan Street Media

It’s always a good time to go vegan. There’s no time like spring, though, to rev up your transition. Here are ten reasons why this season is the reason it’s great to go vegan.

1. That whole “planting seeds” metaphor is working for you

It’s springtime: there are new buds and change is swirling around us. There is nothing that is quite as buzzing with possibility as springtime and using the natural momentum of that can help to propel new growth in your own life. This is a great time for planning your garden and planting some early seeds. Metaphoric seeds of planting what you want to grow for a strong, healthy vegan practice makes a lot of sense during a season that is so much about laying the groundwork to enjoy what we sow. Use this time to build some of the pillars of a powerful foundation: Look within to get very clear on your “why” for those moments when you’re feeling challenged by new changes (going vegan for reasons of compassion seems to be the biggest motivator); find community; take advantage of resources and remember that slip-ups don’t mean failure. Mistakes are a natural process for learning and establishing new habits. If you nurture your seeds well, with attention, consistency and patience, you should be well-rooted for your…