Ten Vegan Archetypes of Schitt’s Creek

Once you see the characters as vegans you’ve known, you’ll never be able to un-see them…

Marla Rose


Credit: Pop TV

This weekend, Schitt’s Creek fans got the great news that Netflix was releasing the last season of the beloved Canadian show a few days early. After cleaning up at the Emmys for their fantastic writing, acting and, well, everything, I thought there was no better time to celebrate this amazing ensemble and show. I haven’t watched the new season yet but can’t help but see archetypal vegans I recognize in some of the Schitt’s Creek characters I love. While none of the characters from the Creek are vegan, it’s not hard to imagine the kind of vegans they be if they were.

David Rose
The Neurotic Vegan

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David Rose is the kind of vegan who accidentally had dairy cheese two years ago and he swears he can still taste it even after he got a bespoke tongue scraper. If you’re a server, David has a lot of questions for you. Like a lot. You might think he’s persnickety but he doesn’t mean to be. He’s just careful because if you think you are going to cook his pristine vegan food on a contaminated surface, you’re wrong — to quote his sister Alexis, “Ew!” — and he knows every potentially problematic micro-ingredient there is. While David can be a bit high-maintenance, he means well, and if you’ve developed an artisanal cashew cheese that has been slow-fermented using the finest cheese-making methods, he will be one of your first cheerleaders.

Patrick Brewer
The Normie Vegan

Credit: Schitts-Creek.fandom.com

David’s fiancé Patrick is, seriously, the nicest guy you will ever meet and all he wants to do is normalize veganism. Unlike his other half, Patrick doesn’t want a big fuss to be made over him; he just wants to be. Don’t mistake his reticence for not being proud of being vegan, though. He is a proud vegan. He’d just rather not make a big deal about it. When he eats out with…