The Life Lessons of One Tiny but Mighty Dog

The loss of my beloved Romeo has left my heart broken, yes, but he will be an inspiration for the rest of my life

Me and my Romeo

• Vulnerability is honesty and gets you through to the other side of fear.

• Everyone needs a little love.

• Don’t let anyone leave their sticky fingerprints all over your self-esteem.

• You may be tiny but you are also mighty.

• When you’re over it, be really over it.

• Make time every day for play.

Beach Blanket Bingo time!

• Gentleness is a strength.

• Loyalty is earned.

• Model what you do best.

• Focus on the things you love, not the things you don’t like.

Not happy but life goes on

• Be a source of kindness and healing in the world.

My mom and Romeo

Marla Rose is a Chicago-area writer and co-founder of and

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